Thursday, January 6, 2005

A Taxpayer's Life

This Disney / Pixar movie is much more than an excellent animated cartoon for children; it was actually written as political satire about the income tax scam.

In A Bug's Life, ants work like slaves for grasshoppers who come every year to terrorize them. The queen ant says, "Every year they come, they eat, they's our lot in life. It's not a lot, but it's our life." A satirical reference to the long line at the post office every April 15th as taxpayers make their offerings to IRS terrorists, hoping to pacify them and avoid an audit.

The story line is upbeat: the cruel grasshoppers realize that when the ants figure out their bluff, the free lunch will end. By the end of the movie, the ants exercise courage and stand up to the terrorists. The movie ends with celebratory fireworks: Independence Day.

Art imitates life: today, an estimated 67 million former 'Taxpayers' are free of IRS terrorism, and that number includes us law-abiding Nontaxpayers who have discovered the IRS fraud and its method of entrapment. We're free of the trap -- lawfully, peacefully, and honorably.

For decades now (see the Tax Honesty Primer, above) IRS has been unable to show any law making most Americans liable for filing a 1040 or paying income tax (thus making them a taxpayer as defined in the Tax Code). Although they trot out several high-profile 'tax protestors' each Tax Terror Season (Jan 1 - Apr 15) who have usually applied for huge refunds, or who hold to zany theories, we Nontaxpayers know that IRS grasshoppers are pure bluff. For us millions, April 15th is just another day. Congress is busted, and we have liberty.

State-sponsored IRS terrorism is both the cause and the result of corruption in government today. As long as you remain like an ant in line, adding your 'fair share' to terrorist loot, you're part of the problem in America.

Maybe that's a bug's life, but it shouldn't be yours.